Landfill Construction Projects

Ryan Inc Central has years of experience in the construction of landfill cells and capping.   View some of our recent projects below:

Project: Laraway Landfill Phase 4 West

Location: Joliet, IL

Customer: Waste Management

Engineer: Weaver Boos Consultants

Scope: New 9 AC cell including excavation (400,000 CY), clay liner (50,000 CY) and drainage layer (25,000 TN).

Project: SWACO Stage 2 Separatory Liner & Phase H3 Liner

Location: Grove City, OH

Customer: Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio

Engineer: Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Scope: New 17 AC cell and 10 AC separatory liner including excavation (205,000 CY), clay liner (125,000 CY), and drainage layer (87,000 CY), leachate piping (2,500 LF), underdrain piping (2,900 LF), gas collection piping (11,700 LF), seeding (15 AC) and 40’ pump station removal/replacement.

Project: C & C Landfill, Phase VC-1

Location: Marshall, MI

Customer: Republic Services, Inc.

Engineer: Weaver Boos Consultants

Scope: New cell construction (11 AC) and overliner (8 AC). Work included 115,000 CY of embankment, 70,000 tons of drainage layer, 6,000 LF of leachate collection pipe, 1,900 LF of 18” gas header, 800 LF of 12” gas header, 5,000 LF of 6” gas lateral pipe, erosion control, tree clearing, roads and culverts.

Project: Rockwood Landfill Final Cover 2011

Location: Newport, MI

Customer: Republic Services

Engineer: Midwestern Consulting

Scope: 65 AC of final cover including import and placement of 350,000 CY of soil, relocation of 150,000 CY of waste, various storm water sediment basins, overflows, down chutes and diversion berms and 2,500 LF access road.

Project: Conestoga Landfill Cell 20

Location: Morgantown, PA

Customer: Republic Services, Inc.

Engineer: AECOM

Scope: Construction of 18 AC cell, and associated sediment basins.  Work included clearing & grubbing (49 AC), erosion control, earthwork (930,000 CY), subbase (16,000 CY), protective cover (33,000 CY), leachate collection pipe (3,800 LF), channel lining, roadway construction, paving, litter fence and guardrail.

Project: Big Run Landfill Unit 2, Phase 2, Cell 2

Location: Ashland, KY

Customer: Environmental Solutions, Inc.

Engineer: Kenvirons, Inc.

Scope: Scope included clearing (14 AC), excavation (360,000 CY), clay liner (27,000 CY), leachate collection pipe (700 LF), protective cover sand (13,000 CY) and underdrain (1,600 LF)

Project: Metro Park East Landfill, P-33, Cell IIB E Liner/Leachate System

Location: Des Moines, IA

Customer: Metro Waste Authority

Engineer: H D R Engineering

Scope: New 10 AC cell including earthwork (124,000 CY), underdrain (1,500 LF), clay liner (38,000 CY), geotextile and 60 mil HDPE liner installation (10 AC), protective cover (16,000 CY) and leachate collection piping (1,600 LF).

Project: High Acres Landfill, Cell 10N Baseliner

Location: Fairport, NY

Customer: Waste Management of NY

Engineer: Arcadis BBL

Scope: New 18 AC cell including erosion control, mass excavation (387,000 CY), underdrain geocomposite installation (507,000 SF), underdrain piping (1,700 LF), clay liner (47,000 CY), drainage layer stone (27,500 CY), drainage layer tire chips (35,200 CY), leachate detection piping (1,600 LF), leachate collection piping (1,600 LF), access roads and ditches.

Project: Pine Tree Acres Cells 24 and 25

Location: Lenox Township, MI

Customer: Waste Management

Engineer: McNeely and Lincoln Associates, Inc.

Scope: Construction of 24 AC cell, and associated stormwater grading.  Work included clearing & grubbing, erosion control, earthwork (250,000 CY), subbase, leachate collection pipe, and extensive gas collection piping system.

Project: Brent Run Landfill Cell 11C

Location: Montrose, MI

Customer: Waste Connections

Engineer: Golder Associates Inc.

Scope: New landfill cell scope included clearing, excavation (400,000 CY), clay liner, leachate collection pipe, protective cover sand, protective berm grading, HDPE perforated berm drainage system with fabric and gravel access road construction.  

Project: Newton County Landfill Cell 6

Location: Monticello, IN

Customer: Republic Services

Engineer: Weaver Consultants Group

Scope: New 19 AC cell including earthwork (900,000 CY), sedimentation basin excavation, clay liner, leachate collection piping, leak detection installation, gas collection detection system, drainage channel construction, berm construction, and access road construction.

Project: Pheasant Point LF Phase 3WA Base Liner

Location: Bennington, NE

Customer: Waste Management

Engineer: Weaver Consultants Group

Scope: Construction of 6 AC cell 9 (135,000 CY), clay liner placement, 12" drainage layer placement, leachate collection system, groundwater control system, sedimentation pond excavation, and access road construction, .

Project: Metro Park East LF Cell D N and Stage I Cap

Location: Mitchellville, IA

Customer: Metrp Waste Authority

Engineer: HDR Engineering.

Scope: New landfill cell scope included bulk excavation for a 10 AC landfill cell and perimeter roadway grading (800,000 CY).  The project also included a final cover system (26 AC).  In addition to the earthwork grading the project included the clay liner, leachate collection pipe, and final seeding, fertilizer and mulch.  

Project: Honeygo Run 2018 Cell and Cap

Location: Perry Hall, MD

Customer: Republic Services

Engineer: AECOM

Scope: New 8 AC cell including earthwork (600,000 CY) and a 9 AC capping project.  The scope also included leachate collection piping, aggregate road construction, necessary erosion control measures, stormwater pump station, and final cover seeding.